The Heads Vs Hearts Short Music Film (All parts below) was written & created by Jay James, Filmed in Minneapolis, US and Directed by Jay James & Dave Wilson. Music was Produced by Malay (Frank Ocean/Channel Orange) & Features Booker T Jones.


Recent Interview/Question regarding H vs H (Different Scene):

Q? – JJ Your latest musical offering is the Heads Vs Hearts Trilogy which is truly epic. What was the creative process behind that?  Did you see it all as one whole song that you could break down into three sections or was it three separate songs that fit the one thematic style?

A – Jay James – ‘Presenting the three/four songs in such a concept felt apt for how I personally connect to the meanings of each song. On putting them together in such a way they seamless link to experiences or metaphoric thoughts and emotions that make perfect or justifiable sense for a trilogy concept or short film piece, the fact I was obviously introducing my music and ‘Play it by Heart’ was also a great motivator.  John Carpenter once said ‘Movies are about making mental things physical’ I relate to that in a way, sometimes people can really connect to the music for other reasons then the intended true meaning, by introducing via a purpose written concept i.e presenting a narrative with no script but have the music tell the story people could both hear, see and feel what I was trying to express and hopefully relate. I have a massive tendency to see visions of certain things like the film play out in my head when I write lyrics and songs, that i’d say played the initial inspiration. It also felt like an exciting concept to make reality’.

Heads Vs Hearts Film Trilogy –







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